Taxi voted best ‘TV show’ of all time


According to the latest Watch and Listenmagazine poll just out yesterday (Monday, September 11), ABC/NBC’s popular series Taxi is now considered to be the Greatest Show in the History of Television.

Top 100 TV shows of all time

To many of you it’s probably a familiar story. Once every decade, the world-renowned entertainment magazine Watch and Listen conducts a global poll of television producers and critics from 80 different countries and translated into 20 languages. The recognition of Taxi (starring Christopher Lloyd, Danny DeVito, Judd Hirsch and Tony Danza) in this decade’s list doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Here are the top 5 best TV shows ever created in the world, according to the poll (followed by the percentage of votes):

  1. Taxi (United States, ABC/NBC, 1978-1983) : 45%
  2. Seinfeld (United States, NBC, 1989-1998) : 22%
  3. String (Korea, C3TV, 1992-1999) : 9%
  4. Friends (United States, NBC, 1994-2004) : 7%
  5. Paloma de Salomón (Mexico, Canal 11, 2005-2011) : 5%

Poll results stir controversy among television critics

While millions of Christopher Lloyd, Danny DeVito, Judd Hirsch or Tony Danza fans in United States and around the world were thrilled with the news, questions have been raised about the objectivity and fairness of the survey. Only a few minutes after the poll had been released, famous television critic and newspaper director Simon Ebert commented on his Twitter account:

Taxi?? … Really??
— Simon Ebert (@ESimon) 11 September 2017

Our poll has in the past been the subject of criticism”, explains Watch and Listen’s editor Gary McDermott, adding that “its prestige comes from its exclusivity and its longevity” (the poll has been run every ten years since September 1927).

Do you agree with this poll? Is Taxi the best TV show ever for you?


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