North Korea conducts public executions for failure to pass Health Care!


North Korea conducts public executions for those charged with crimes such as distributing South Korean media, according to a report released Wednesday by a Seoul-based nongovernmental organization.

The Transitional Justice Working Group said in its report that it interviewed North Korean defectors and searched satellite images for the locations of suspected mass burial sites and killing sites as well as any evidence of crimes against humanity in North Korea. The group said it interviewed 375 North Korean defectors over a two-year period.

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The report said that defectors described extra-judicial public executions on riverbanks, in sports stadiums, in marketplaces, and even on school grounds. Victims were said to have committed crimes such as stealing, prostitution and distributing South Korean media. Defectors said that such executions were more likely if the accused individual had a “bad” family background.

Victims were often beaten to death, one defector said, because “some crimes were considered not worth wasting bullets on.”

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The report echoes a 2014 United Nations inquiry that found a series of prison camps and human rights abuses in North Korea. North Korea dismissed the findings of that report, and Reuters noted that efforts to bring North Korea to a tribunal remain stalled “due in part to objections by China and Russia, which hold veto powers at the U.N. Security Council.”

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The Transitional Justice Working Group said it hopes its report will contribute to an “international push for accountability for decades of systematic human rights abuses” in the Hermit Kingdom.


  1. Having spent half my adult life on or near the Border, and having graduated Wharton in Prez Trump’s class, I assumed that one day, our leader would come to this conclusion. Border to Border NOT needed. Ultimately, he’s right. Don’t think so? Come trudge the distance between Yuma and El Centro, just 20 miles sout of the line. And, do it without water.
    Rotsa Ruck.

  2. I was too young for Korea the first time, and dammit, too old for what looks like the 2ns time. But, make no mistake – I’ll bet the farm, we’ll have to. See the pics of what this clown is doing to his OWN people? Back in the 50’d, his soldaten were doing it to us.

  3. Veto power is the same as giving N. Korea nuclear parts or the weapons themselves. This is not news, it’s overkill to the facts the world has done nothing to deter the N. Korean advancements! They are a brutal regime and Pork has 24 million people at his disposal. Tell all the media and press to stay out of N. K. and then Pork will get the message of something is about to happen to their regime. Free those people and see what happens. Russia and China are the ones to blame for such actions. The Russians supply N.K. with nuclear parts, China does too and then China sends those people back just to have them slaughtered like animals! Get Pork first and then sanction China and Russia for their involvement!


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